AriyadaneGolestan, currently known as one of the best companies in producing poultry and aquaculture feed in a wide range of products, was founded as a producer of high-quality livestock  feed in Golestan industrial zone            ( Galicesh) in 2014.

The company has been operating based on staff knowledge and experience contributing to the promotion of our country’s independence and exports. Its products are sold all over Iran as well as in neighboring countries.

Free technical consultation provided by the experienced consultants is also one of our special customer services which can be beneficial to the final efficiency of farms.

The range of products is as follows:

  1. Extruded flax seed
  2. Extruded soybean
  3. All types of concentration for livestock and poultry
  4. Feed for all stages of aquaculture
  5. Pet food
  6. Mineral and vitamin supplements
  7. Toxin binders

What we are is much more.